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Loonan Stock Farm - Corning, IA - has been in the beef seedstock business for 40 years producing Simmental, Red Angus and Red Sim-Angus™.  The Loonan family originally was in commercial cattle production beginning in 1864.  With their commercial background, the program is still focused on balancing all traits which contribute to increasing profits for the commercial producer.

Saturday, February 7, 2015
Private Treaty Auction 1:00 p.m. CST Sharp
At the Farm Corning, Iowa

Red Angus Simmental Red SimAngus™



125 Yearling Bulls
Many A.I. sired by breed leaders
Carcass traits backed by 21 years of data
Uniform, thick & easy fleshing with great dispositions
The Loonan Program stresses maximum performance without calving problems

Affordably priced at $2400, $2600 and $2800
Select your bulls Feb 7, leave at Loonan's with free delivery April 1 to May 10 when we are in your area, or pick up your bulls after test and semen check. (For over 300 miles, please inquire.)

80 Open Heifers
Individual seedstock heifers
Show prospects
Commercial replacement heifers in 3 to 5 head uniform groups, starting at $800
Our entire crop of 2014 SimAngus™ F1 heifers

Affordably priced from $1200 to $1500


You can come and see the calves at any time.
Call, write or e-mail for a complete catalog.

Give Judy or Rick a call:
Judy (cell)  (515) 423-5642
Rick (cell)  (515) 229-0920
1724 Holly Ave Corning, IA 50841

This calf crop is outstanding and can produce great benefits and progress your program.

Ask about the Loonan "Leave 'Em & Breed 'Em Program!"

No cattle sold or reserved ahead of time.

Join the many repeat customers at Loonan's Sale on February 7 and let Loonan heterosis potential increase your bottom line.


“We put our trust in the Loonan program!”

Congratulations 2014 Red Angus Grid Master Award Winners!
“We can’t stress enough the importance of the good genetics from calving ease, calf vigor once they are on the ground, weaning and yearling weights, and the end product. We have always retained our own heifers and really appreciate the predictability of docility, staybility, fleshing ability and maternal traits of your genetics.”

“Our herd has been in the commercial cattle business for 50-plus years. We have used Loonan genetics for at least 18 of those years and really appreciate the relationship we have with the Loonan team of people. We have bought many of the bulls sight unseen. Judy and Rick really know our operation and we put our trust in their program.” – Bryon Hoffman

Meyer Natural Angus, average for 2012, 2013 and 2014, with an average of 164 calves each year:
Average dressing – 63.8% • Choice and Prime – 93.2%
Yield Grade 1s and 2s – 35% • Yield Grade 4s – 8%

Before and Now


What a fantastic 40 years! Not only have we enjoyed what we have been doing but we have enjoyed all the great friendships and learning new ways of doing things from these friendships. These years have flown by and, even though I don’t think I’ve aged, looking back at our pictures, I guess I might have aged just a little!

Back in 1974, Dad bred our first cows – basically Hereford-Holstein and Angus-Holstein – to Simmental bulls. What a learning experience! The first time out we had read articles on how to heat detect and one thing to look for was a clear streamer. So, we went out to the pasture and there was a cow with one of these streamer so we brought her in and A.I.’d her and two days later she had a calf.

Evidently, our A.I. technician didn’t feel the calf in her. What a learning experience!

We didn’t know what Simmental bulls to use, so we relied on our semen distributor and learned that maybe one should pay attention to the bull’s name! We used Bandit and his calves lived up to his name. We never used that semen again!

In 1989, we added Red Angus and that was a very smart thing to do. The cross really added another dimension to our herd. Now, instead of so many flowered cows, we have solid red ones. The Simmentals were going solid black and red, and we didn’t want to change color, so we stayed red for consistency in our end product. The two breeds complement each other all the way to their carcass information. We invite you to go out in our herd now. There is very little difference between the two breeds which is what we set out to accomplish.

Another great plus came 20 years ago when Rick Thompson came from raising cattle in Nebraska to becoming our herdsman and now manages Loonan Stock Farm with me.
It has been a great 40 years and we look forward to 45 and even 50 (though by 50 I will be a young 70 and Rick a young 60)!



40 Years Ago ... And Today


We started with Angus-Holstein and Herford-Holstein females. The Simmental cows we have today go back to these females.

Then Now
We raised halfblood bulls, heifers and steers 40 years ago. Today, we raise purebred Simmental, purebred Red Angus and the halfblood cross between the two breeds. We started breeding Simmental in 1974 and added Red Angus to our program in 1989. We have always emphasized calving ease, good disposition and performance, and 21 years ago we added carcass quality.
Then Now

The look of our catalog has changed but our goals remain the same.


Our Customers Reap the Rewards of 21 Years of Carcass Data


Axel and Andy Larson of Stanton, Iowa
2013 Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Carcass Challenge
9th placing out of 47 for retail value per day on test – $5.875, average carcass price $200.50


Ron Overberg of West Point, Iowa
2014 Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Carcass Challenge
5th placing out of 68 for retail value per day on test


Logan Bauer of Exira, Iowa
2014 Iowa State Fair Champion Steer
Hotel Reserve Window, Champion Window A High Cutability

Technology in the cattle business is expanding all the time and we at Loonan Stock Farm strive to keep up with it to make a better end product for our producers.

Dale Hoffman, Red Angus GridMaster Winner
39 head, Harvested at Cargill through Meyer Natural Angus
7.69% Prime, 92.31% Choice, 35.89% YG 1s & 2s, 2.56% YG 4s


Consistency Across The Breeds

We strive for consistency in quality and type in our cattle. Here is a sample of some of the bulls in this year’s sale. So no matter what breed you choose, you can put your trust in predictable, profitable Loonan genetics.

Red Angus     
Red SimAngus     

Loonan Stock Farm in Corning, Iowa, is celebrating their 40th year of success in the beef seedstock business.

The Loonan family has been in the cattle business in Iowa since 1864 when great-granddad Tom crossed the Mississippi with a team of oxen and started feeding cattle in northeast Iowa.

Our Goal...
We want to work with you and have the right genetics available when you need it. Together, we can continue to produce the industry's most profitable beef.

Judy Loonan       
Rick Thompson,    

Phone (641) 322-3921 • 1724 Holly Ave. • Corning, Iowa 50841
Judy’s Cell: (515) 423-5642 • Rick’s Cell: (515) 229-0920
Fax (641) 322-3977 • Email: lsfrra@wildblue.net

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