Take a look below at the selection of Bulls, Show and Replacement females that we currently have ‘For Sale’.  These are available through Private Treaty Sale from our Postville, Iowa location.  More animals become available with each season.  Whether you are looking for Registered Herefords to show or build your herd – or if you want good Hereford blood for crossing in a black or other commercial herd, we have options for each!  Let us know what you have and what you are ‘looking for’ and we will see what we may have to help you best.
If your priority is to find low birth weights and calving ease, we have bulls with low actual birth weights and EPD’s.  Our Polled Herd Sire ‘Victor 31X’ (son of the popular Victor 719T) was added specifically for calving ease with a BW EPD of just +1.5 and CEZ (Calving Ease) rating of +7.0, which is in the top 1% of the industry.  We have had 112 of his calves so far, with an average BW of just 74 lbs. With that, he still has above average WW & YW growth numbers.  We also have calves out of his son, Victor 217Z with a BW EPD of just +2.4.  If your focus is finding high growth, frame and the ability to put on pounds of meat, we still have offspring from our Polled Sire T111 Marshall, who ranked in the top 1% in the industry in WW and YW EPD’s.

For the 2014 breeding season we have added bulls from four strong outcross bloodlines.  All are polled with low or moderate birth weights and high growth.  We purchased yearling bulls out of Redeem, Cracker Jack, Trust and SHF York and are using them on Bred Heifers and Cows during 2014, along with our Victor 31X bull.  We will have calves from each of those bloodlines available in 2015.

Hereford and Hereford-cross calves are gaining in demand each year because of their profitability and success of using Hereford bulls on black or other commercial females.  To see values in cross Herefords with other breeds, you can view the results of an independent study results on’The Impacts of Crossbreeding on Profitability…

To see details on our ‘BULLS FOR SALE’ and ‘Compare’ them side by side – click to view the:
'Lenth Herefords Bulls For Sale - Comparisons and Stats Sheet' …

Reservations continue to be taken for Bulls and Females (open or bred) for delivery throughout 2014 and already for delivery into 2015.  Lock in your choices early – we will feed them until you take possession.  Call for details, pricing, availability, and for best selection.  Call Doug at 563-380-5656 or Marilyn at 319-269-3146 – or come visit and see the cattle first-hand.   Just call first to make sure we will be around.   We’d love to talk with you!

Bred Heifers for 2014
Spring or Fall Calving


Bred Heifers for Spring
2015 Calving


Open Fall Heifers
(for Fall 2015 Calving)


2014 Spring Heifer Calves
To be added soon

2013 Spring - Fall Yearling Bulls

Most of our Spring Yearling Bulls have already been selected, but we still have a few good bulls available from that crop.  We also have now added the Summer and Fall Yearling bulls that are now available for selection.  If you’re looking for lower birth weights or a heifer bull, check out the Victor 31X sons.  If you’re crossing with black or other commercial cows and want growth and size for producing feeder calves or good gaining fat cattle, we have several that could work very well towards those goals.  We still have some dehorned sons out of PL41 Shadow for good ‘in between’ combinations as well.    Read thru the details below, look at the photos (and videos when available), and also refer to the 'Lenth Herefords Bulls For Sale - Comparison and Stats Sheet' to see a side-by-side comparison of the bulls and their specific traits.  Call Marilyn or Doug for pricing or with any questions that you may have, or to reserve any of the bulls for immediate OR later possession.




Please be patient while video loads

Yearling Weight 4/1/14:   1,008 lbs  - Scrotal: 38


















2014 Spring Bull Calves
Once again we’re very proud of the new crop of Bull Calves we have to offer. The majority are polled Victor 31X sons with low birth weight and excellent growth, many with dark color and loads of pigment. A particularly strong combination has been the calves sired by Victor 31X – out of our Marshall T111 daughters. We have thick, blocky bulls out of Awesome 112 (a son of previous Denver Champion Shock & Awe), and really nice calves out of Barney 1220, an Odyssey bloodline son that we used on some heifers. Finally, we have some de‐horned calves from our Shadow PL41 horned sire that are also very long‐bodied and thick with loads of growth and potential. Read thru the details below, look at the photos (and videos once they are posted), and also refer to the 'Bull Comparison and Stat Sheet' to see a side‐by‐side comparison of all the bulls and their specific traits. Calves will be weaned in September & October – with updates to be posted periodically.

Again this year, we are offering early reservations, with the options of immediate possession or we will feed them through the winter until you’re ready for the bulls. That way you can lock in your choice(s) while selection is at its best. You’re welcome to come look at them in person, just call to make sure we’re home. Call Doug (563‐380‐5656) or Marilyn (319‐269‐3146) for pricing, with any questions that you may have, or to set up a time to come and look.

Actual WW: 522 lbs. (7/28/14)
Latest Weight 9/15/14: 650 lbs.



Actual WW: 568 lbs. (7/28/14)
Latest Weight 9/15/14: 672 lbs.



Actual WW: 744 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 701 lbs. (3.04 WDA)



Actual WW: 712 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 671 lbs. (2.91 WDA)



Actual WW: 610 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 582 lbs. (2.54 WDA)



Actual WW: 712 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 685 lbs. (2.96 WDA)



Actual WW: 626 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 606 lbs. (2.53 WDA)



Actual WW: 712 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 694 lbs. (2.96 WDA)




Actual WW: 610 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 600 lbs. (2.49 WDA)



Actual WW: 744 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 770 lbs. (3.31 WDA)



Actual WW: 684 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 702 lbs. (3.07 WDA)



Actual WW: 736 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 756 lbs. (3.25 WDA)



Actual WW: 692 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 710 lbs. (3.03 WDA)



Actual WW: 642 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 665 lbs. (2.86 WDA)



Actual WW 714 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 753 lbs. (3.26 WDA)




Actual WW 614 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 648 lbs. (2.79 WDA)



Actual WW 668 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 742 lbs. (3.21 WDA)



Actual WW 630 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 710 lbs. (3.08 WDA)



Actual WW 620 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 701 lbs. (3.02 WDA)



(Anticipate weaning early October)
Latest Weight 9/15/14 - 546 (2.67 WDA)



(Anticipate weaning early October)
Latest Weight 9/15/14 - 576 (2.82 WDA)



Actual WW 638 lbs. (9/15/14)
Adj 205 wt: 747 (3.22 WDA)



(Anticipate weaning early October)
Latest Weight 9/15/14 - 622 (3.19 WDA)



2013 Fall Heifers for Fall 2015 Calving

We have a solid group of Fall Heifer calves recently weaned, that are now available to be selected or reserved.  Again, we offer a 3-tiered price schedule based on possession:   1) Priced for delivery/pickup early Summer 2014 as open heifers.  2) Priced for delivery/pickup Fall 2014 before breeding   3) Priced as ‘Bred Heifers’ with us feeding thru Winter 2014, and getting them bred to our bulls and safe in calf for Spring 2015 pickup/delivery –  bred for Fall 2015 calving. You can lock in your selections early, and with a down payment we will feed and keep them until your selected possession timeframe.  
Call Marilyn at 319-269-3146 for pricing, any questions you may have, or to check latest availability. You are always welcome to come look at the heifers at our farm too – just give us a call before coming by to make sure we will be home.  (End-of-winter photos are posted below, updated photos & videos will be posted as they become available.)


Please be patient while video loads

Latest Weight (9/20/14):  952 lbs.


Yearling Weight (9/20/14):  772 lbs.


Yearling Weight (9/20/14):  830 lbs.




2014 Spring Heifer Calves
(To be added in Fall)



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